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NARDA safety solutions


To give you the best quick illustrate, we shall categorize NARDA Safety solutions into 4 main sessions, as

  • Handheld Solutions

  • Personal Safety Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring Site Solutions

  • EMF Simulation Software Solutions

Its details shall be brifed as followings; 

Handheld Solutions

The Handheld Solutions can be divided into 2 sub solutions, corresponding to your requirement and the safety standard which you have working on it , as the followings;  

Wideband Measurement (Meter form factor)

Safety Meter_edited.jpg

Powered by NARDA NBM series : The EMF safety measurement can be supported from 100k - 90GHz, depend on the applied probe.

The output you can have from this solution is about the quick determination whether the measurement result is Pass or Fail corresponding to the defined Limit of your considered EMF safety standard.

Selective Measurement (Analyzer form factor)


Powered by NARDA SRM series : The EMF safety measurement can be supported from 9k - 6GHz, depend on the applied probe.

The output you can have from this solution is about the quick determination & deeper evaluation for your EMF Safety measurement , such as ; 

  • Whether the measurement result has Pass or Fail corresponding to the defined Limit of your considered EMF safety standard

  • If the measurement result becomes Fail, then who generates the cause (It will be shown you on the spectrum display or frequency domain).  

  • Some more measurement features can be added on for deeper analysis 

For a better illustration, please see the online explanation video from NARDA website as the link below  

Personal Safety Solutions

The Personal Safety Solution is a mandatory tool for the RF staff who need to work closely to the high radiation density. It said by; 

  • ITU-TK.145 with regard to the use and properties of RF personal monitors."

  • ICNIRP, FCC or Safety Code 6

This tool must be NEED for the RF engineer, the Monitoring staff, the Military agency in Signal department / SIGINT department, and the service / technical people who have to work close to the RF radiated emitter. 

The good explanation Video Link for the quick illustration

Reference from: Marv Wessel's Youtube Channel 

This tool shall continually measure the EMF and automatically alarm when the staff has taking too intensively high radiation that can harm his/her safety. 


NARDA Radman series: 900k to 60GHz

Support for Civilian use ( E / H Field monitoring, depend on sub model ) 

For a better illustration, please see the online explanation video from NARDA website as the link below  


NARDAlert S3 : 100k to 100GHz 

Support for Civilian & Military use (E Filed monitoring)


  • ARPANSA RP3, occupational

  • NATO STANAG 2345

  • Canada Safety Code 6 (2015)

  • EMF Directive 2013/35/EU

  • FCC 1997 occupational / controlled

  • ICNIRP 1998 occupational

  • IEEE C95.1-2005/ANSI C95.1-2005 controlled

  • Japan RCR-38 controlled

Remote Monitoring Site

This is the solution to support your EMF Safety monitoring 24x7, PULS the customized automatic procedures such as automatic alarm and /or notification (SMS/ Email/ Logging/ etc.-), even to display on geographical view.

Moreover, with the network topology scheme nowadays,  the expanding of the safety monitoring can cover for ;


  • In building application: Hospital, Health Care Center, Medical Laboratory, RF Repairing department, Government war room, etc.-   

  • Outdoor application: Schools, Industrial campuses, Government offices, Oil&Gas industry, Electrical Power Industry, Real Estate industry, Leakage detention for Radiation site, etc.-       


Narda AMB Series : Area Monitoring Probe

Frequency 10 Hz- 40 GHz , depend on the applied probe

​Product features

  • ITU-T K.83 compliant

  • Electric field monitoring

  • Magnetic field monitoring

  • Simultaneous monitoring of electric and magnetic fields

  • Low frequency / high frequency probes

  • Internal modem 2G/3G and wifi for wireless communications

  • Optical link for data communications and control

  • SD memory card

  • Temperature / humidity sensor

  • GPS sensor

  • PC software with alarm functions

  • Independent power supply from solar cells

download (2).jfif
download (1).jfif

The Interesting references: ON-LINE EMF Monitoring Site ( powered by NARDA AMB Series) 

Environment department in Switzerland

Atomic Energy Commission in Greece

National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications ANCOM in Romania

EMF Simulation Software

The Best EMF Safety Protection has been obtained from the Best Planning. 
And the Best Planning needs a Powerful Simulator to investigate the cases.

NARDA EFC-400 is the EMF simulation software. It can help you to easily handle the complex issues about EMF by calculating the electromagnetic fields referring to a practically unlimited number of network elements such as; 

  • Conductors

  • Line segments

  • Buildings

  • Antennas.

The software features fast computing speed, ease of use, and efficiency. Users can create all the needed network elements themselves or import them. The software puts all the elements together with the simulation result in an easily interpreted graphic display.


•Automatic calculation of earth wire currents

•Move, rotate, insert geometric data

•Library of masts

•Cable temperature taken into account

•2D isoline diagrams

•3D surface diagrams

Package Versions

NARDA EFC-400 has 2 package versions corresponding to the applications as ; 

  • Electrical Power uses Package: It was originally developed for determining field exposure levels caused by power supply equipment (overhead lines, transformer and switching stations) - including noise emissions and RF interference levels due to corona discharge.

  • Telecom uses Package: It is a separate module for computing the radiation exposure due to transmitters and telecommunications equipment emitting high frequency radiation (in line with EN 50413, 26. BImSchV, and IEC 62232, ICNIRP & EU standard) 


Broad applications and extendable libraries


​NARDA EFC-400 is mandatory require for these followings ; 

  • Energy network operators and their planning departments

  • Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning

  • Environmental departments

  • Ministry of Industry

  • Railroad companies


  • Regulatory authorities


  • Real Estate Industry

  • EMF Laboratory 

  • Military 

  • Consulting engineers

For more information, please let KPS-WKG helps you

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