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KANTENNA was setup by a team of enthusiastic engineers who have extended experiences in the RF industry for decades. The company was registered in 2018 but our story began years before.

Back in early 2000, KANTENNA had already been working with different operators and system integrators in the mobile communication sector.  Their expertise has been gained through cooperation with operators throughout the APAC region.

Today KANTENNA  are serving most of the prestige system integrators and operators who have covered half of the world's population.  KANTENNA strive to create value added services to our customers in telecommunication industry and thereby increase the market share of the customers in their respective territories.  KANTENNA advance product designs and market supports have been proven to be competitive.

KANTENNA offer full range of products developed to provide suitable quality standards and technical requirements that are required by nowadays telecommunication market.  KANTENNA solutions fulfill the market demands in both quality and cost competitiveness and support the customers to stay successful in the competitive environment of today and beyond.


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