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The Superb EW/COMINT and Spectrum Monitoring solutions

Communications Audit UK Ltd (CommsAudit) is a UK based electronics engineering company. CommsAudit specialise in meeting the needs of government, defence, and national security. It has over 30 years experience producing market leading RF technology for critical missions and applications.


CommsAudit develops and manufactures technologically advanced products including antennas, antenna distribution equipment, receivers, HF-V/UHF collection systems and wide band direction finding systems. 

CommsAudit enhances our equipment with advanced software applications and signal processing to provide superior signal capability.

Applications include: Signal Intelligence SIGINT, Geolocation, ITU RadioMonitoring and Radio Communications.

CommsAudit operates a quality management system that fully complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2015. 

THE REAL Super Resolution for Direction Finding in V/UHF and HF application 

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A Super Resolution for Direction Finding has been designed for using in  jamming or co-channels environments.

Our Super Resolution is based on MUSIC (MUlitple SIgnal Classification) algorithm which can be used for DFing the co-channel signals ( the signals which have radiated with the same frequency, same time , but difference bearings). MUSIC algorithm is based on the huge complexity in  mathematical scheme , so called "eigenvalue decomposition" for spectrum estimation technique.  


Thanks to the R&D team of CommsAudit who dedicatedly work and develop for turning that complex theory into the real. 


CommsAudit SUPER RESOLUTION is A MUST solution for 

  • This is A MUST solution that EW/COMINT operations NEED to have for handling the intelligence task during the jamming situation.

  • This is A MUST solution that Regulator operations NEED to have for handling the monitoring tasks among the modern digital technologies which mostly use the same emitted frequency channel in nowadays eg. DVT/ DAB/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G for instance.   

  • This is A MUST solution that Law Enforcement operations NEED to have for handling the public safety monitoring among the co-channel and jamming situation.

The Global ITU standards compliances


Besides the Military / Law enforcement applications, CommsAudit can serves for every purposes which required to be in line with the Global ITU standards as well.

Since the general manual operation as one or couple channels monitoring at the time, until the multi channels monitoring & analysis together with the automated tasks for handling up to 128 channels ( DDC) or more in the same time , also can be served, as well. 

Where the Operational design has marching with the Futureproof design 

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More than 30 years of the intensive experiences

  • CommAudits solution have been designed based on the real operational aspects, hence the reliability, the robustness, and the right operation features ( Monitoring, Locating,  Recording, Remoting, etc.-) are the values you can trust.

  • CommAudits solution have been designed based on the futureproof concept, hence to obtaining more complexity analysis domain, even to flexibly integrate to any necessary matters for extending of the utilities & performances are the value you can trust.

Please let KPS working groups help you for more details by contacting us

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