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APS is the European company who innovates the cutting edge & trust solution for Tactical operation.

  • Modern Technology with 3D MIMO RADAR solution as Military Grade  


  • The quality controls have start since the first step of the chipset design


  • High Precision with very Robust platform

  • Extremely Fast & High resolution for scanning, detection, and tracking

  • Built-in the powerful Artificial Intelligence for differentiating between Drone / UAV, and Birds​


  • Scalable platforms for

    • Remote Fix station

    • Semi-Fix platform

    • Vehicular platform

  • Expandable feature with widely integrate to others matter schemes ( On request)

    • Electronic Support Measurement

      • RF Sensor

      • Acoustic Sensor

      • EO/IR Sensor

    • Counter Measurement

      • Soft Kill (Jammers  for Remote Controller, WIFI link, and GNSS signal)

      • Hard Kill (Missile, Rifles, etc.-)


  • Varity serve for these applications (example)

    • Camouflaged surveillance operation  

    • 24x7 Parameters Control (Border monitoring)

    • Anti-Drone & UAV application which can interoperable to other ESM, ECM matters.

    • Airport Security

    • Etc.-

  • Easy & Friendly use via

    • Direct operation via LAN interface with Laptop / PC

    • Recording feature is ready for creating the tactical situation report

    • Remote & Automate Networking operations

    • Flexible operation via the Wireless / Wireline connections with secured connections (WIMAX /WIFI/ Cellular, etc.-)

  • Ensure the delivery of the excellent performance to your real operation field 

    • Planning & Design services from the manufacture are automatically included

    • After Sales services based on the Maintenance Agreement (MA) contract is available.

    • Project management with the local experience engineering team is included.

Please let KPS working groups help you for more details by contacting us

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