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"Signals Without Intelligence is Just Noise"

QRC is the USA company which found in 1987 

QRC designs and develops a host of open architecture Radio Frequency (RF) products, and provides comprehensive integrated solutions primarily for government, military, and law enforcement. The subject matter experts of this company are in the areas of SIGINT, EW, Cellular Survey and RF Situational Awareness and Exploitation.

QRC Products and Solutions




WBT is stand for "Wide Band Transcorder" which is a family of fully self-contained RF capture and playback systems.

The WBT is a fully integrated Software Defined Radio Platform (SDRP) that is capable of capturing and replaying signals within the RF spectrum. It is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient recorder and transmitter on the market. Its advanced capabilities allow for real-time or after-action analysis and of signals captured. Capturing and preserving a replica of the RF environment that can be played back into any system with an RF input.






In terms of the intelligent operation, QRC-WBT is a heart for the Deception Jamming Application !! 

Please contact us for more details .

Key features

  • Dual independent tuners

  • Internal RF filtering

  • I/Q Spectrum recording up to 100 MHz bandwidth (320 MHz with WBT-3202)

  • Easily Concealable, Man-Packable, and Rugged


  • RF signal recording and playback

  • Signal analysis

  • Interference analysis

  • Remote spectrum monitoring

  • Training

  • Receiver test and design

  • Expandable feature to your Electronic Counter Measure or EW/COMINT operation


PlayMaker is a Software suite of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) tools aggregated into a single framework. PlayMaker is optimized to operate on our WBT platform and is a fully self-contained RF spectrum awareness solution. PlayMaker makes it easy to monitor spectrum activity and rapidly identify RF interference or other systems competing for spectrum usage.

Key features

  • Rapidly scans, detects energy, and identifies signals

  • Identify, and classify numerous analog and digital modulations

  • Provides user-configurable rulesets to quickly identify signals of interest (SOI) and then alert, stream, record, or process the signal

  • Records and plays back RF data for post-processing and signals analysis

  • Can be configured pre-mission for unattended operations

  • Can be remotely operated via an IP network

Surveyer System Series

Server System Series includes industry-leading cellular and wireless network characterization solutions.
Server System Series passively collects data, which allows for a wide range of applications such as characterizing advanced cellular, Wi-Fi, and network and Bluetooth.



​Support these following technologies for all bands 

  • 5G NR

    • < 6 GHz

    • mmWave (with optional Downconverter)

  • LTE


  • GSM

  • CDMA (optional add-on)

  • EVDO (optional add-on)

ICS 550 - Cellular Surveyer


Q Fi  - WIFI Surveyer


Blue Fi  - WIFI & Bluetooth Surveyer

The Key features of QRC Surveyer Series, which makes, it becomes superb than others in the market area ; 
1. The "Rouge Cell or Fake Cell" detection.
This feature shall detect and locate which & where Cellular Stations behave abnormal characteristic than usual. 

2. The Easiest GUI
The system handling has been designed well as the highest degrees of the friendly GUI.

3. The REAL Ready-To-Use solution with Plug-and-Play
The system deployment just only needs the Display, Keyboard and Mouse to plugin with the system.
The rest parts & efforts such as computer, software, installing / optimizing services, power supply, wiring, the protective case (MIL-STD 810) , cooling, etc.-are all provided as the completed built-in from the factory. 

4. Wide range of applications
The ranges of Server System Series allow users to cover all their needs, including tactical, stationary, and commercial applications. 



Example of Cellular Analysis


Example of WIFI Analysis

Key features

  • Fully autonomous collection

  • Remote Interface

  • Complete decoding of control channel messages

  • Automatic Self-Configuring

  • Active Tool Configuration

  • L3 logging and parsing

  • Provider Filtering

  • Capable of surveying both fixed wireless access (FWA) and mobile access

  • Directly provided from the manufacturer for these followings ; Integrated  GPS, Power Supply, Heat Sink, the Interfacing ports, and the necessary devices to improve the overall robustness, as the standard package ( Ready to use platform)

  • MIL STD-810G, Method 516.6 -Procedure 1

  • MUST NEED for Regulator, Law Enforcement, Military, and Government applications

  • Using in private sectors (Mobile Operator) is also available

PBL Analytic

PBL (Land / Sea operation)


PBL is stand for Passive Base Station Location


PBL is an industry changing application that can be added to Surveyor system. PBL allows a user to drive an area of interest and measure the cellular signals present to determine the physical location of the emitters for the respective signals. PBL uses proprietary location algorithms to establish the location of towers to within 10s of meters. Typically, 90% of the towers are detected within 200m or better. Denser drive patterns typically provide improved accuracy and higher number of detected emitters. All prediction measurements are made while simultaneously collecting survey data.

PBL Key features - Land & Sea operation

  • Simultaneous Calculations for Cellular Base Station Technologies 

  • 100% Passive Measurement

  • Predictions are Compatible with Most Mapping Software

  • Low Density Driving Required

  • Sector Azimuth Estimation

  • MUST NEED for Regulator, Law Enforcement, Military, and Government applications

  • Using in private sectors (Mobile Operator) is also available

PBL (Airborne operation)


Additionally, PBL has another version for serving the airborne operation platform, named PBL-AIR  which can save a lot of the operation time and cost for surveying the cell sites.

PBL Key features - Airborne operation

  • Simultaneous Calculations for Cellular Base Station Technologies 

  • 100% Passive Measurement

  • Predictions are Compatible with Most Mapping Software

  • High altitude collection of data up to 10,000 feet @ 150 knots ( or 3,048 meters @ 277.8 kmph)

  • 90% of the tower position result can be obtained with < 200 meters accuracy when flights is at 8,500 feet

  • MUST NEED for Regulator, Law Enforcement, Military, and Government applications

  • Using in private sectors (Mobile Operator) is also available

The Test Phone Solutions ( Cellular Services / Application Test ) 


The Test phone solutions from QRC can be defined as the Qp2 family.

  • Qp2 is an extremely versatile hand-held cellular protocol measurement tool ( such as Walk Test).

  • Qp2 comes pre-installed on various commercially available Android devices.

  • Qp2 allows a user to perform the most thorough hand-held measurements in the industry.

Qp2 family has consisted by ;

  • Qp2-Connect

  • Qp2-Pro

  • Qp2 Server

Qp2 Connect : The powerful Test phone for stand alone operation

Qp2 Connect is compatible with most Qualcomm based Android devices, including non-rooted phones and is a self-contained device which includes user guides, installation files, and license.

Key features of Qp2 Connect

  • Ultimate flexibility on license

  • 5G ready

  • Lossless log file

  • Layer 3 Measurement supports

  • Voice call testing

  • Data transfer testing

  • IP packet capture

  • Indoor/Outdoor testing

Qp2 Pro : The Smart Test phone which support the flexible licensing , Could based, and Automated workflow

Qp2-Pro introduces new methods of enabling users conducting surveys and optimizing equipment. This includes features such as remote start and Logging, real-time location monitoring, cloud-based logging and transferable licensing.

All Qp2-Pro products include cloud on-line service. In addition to providing storage and automatic syncing of device settings and log files, Qp2-Pro devices can be controlled via the cloud. The cloud service provides an easy-to-use UI for creating and managing device configurations, tests, results and maps, which can all be synchronized with Qp2-Pro devices.

Key features of Qp2 Pro

  • Same as Qp2 features


  • Transferable licensing

  • Support for “Off-the-Shelf” non-rooted device

Qp2 Server : A central of the automated measurement managing with could based operation


The Qp2-Server is a localized cloud deployment on a virtual machine, allowing for unit data integrity, operational security, and data control. All of which will significantly increase your organization’s resilience to cyber threat and ability to control the flow of information internal to an organization.


Qp2-Server provides for a user managed localized cloud, allowing for the positive control of data and ensuring information is protected both in transit and throughout storage.

Key features of Qp2 Server

  • Push all measurement settings to Qp2-Pro

    • ​Remote device configuration and management of all connected Qp2-Pro™ devices

  • Push planned drive routes to Qp2-Pro

  • Log files from Qp2-Pro can be automatically uploaded to Qp2-Server

  • Automatic file upload and automated data storage for all drive test files, hosted locally on the server

  • License management tool allows user full control on purchased licenses: Transfer licenses between phones, pull licenses, and license usage

  • Qp2-Pro can load indoor maps from Qp2-Server 

  • Built in measurement file exports including: ICS Log File Format, MapInfo, CSV, and others

  • Designed using Oracle Virtualbox and installable on both Linux/ Windows platforms

Please let KPS working groups help you for more details by contacting us

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