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Highlights on NARDA solutions

Signal Shark Series


Certified by BNetzA  ( Bun­desnet­za­gen­tur : The Regulator of Germany) through the real operation

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Signal Shark handheld

Signal Shark Remote

Signal Shark Outdoor

SignalShark® - Seven Senses for Signals Real-Time Analyzer

Just like that highly efficient hunter in the ocean, SignalShark derives its success in measurement from the interplay of its highly developed seven senses or sensors.

signalshark_brochure_real-time_analyzer_EN_ (3).jpg

​General features of SignalShark

  • Frequency range : 8kHz to 8GHz

  • Spectrum Real-Time Analyzer with 40MHz Real Time Bandwidth

  • Built-in 2 DDCs ( Digital Down Convertor : Receiver path)  

  • High Dynamic Range ( Strongly require for evaluation the uplink signal and downlink signal in the same time)

  • Excellent DANL ( Strongly require for weak signal detection (Bug) / longer distance of monitoring)  

  • Fast processing with Excellent RF Performance (Accuracy & Linearity), such as Noise Figure, Intermodulation ( IP2, and IP3), etc.-


  • Analysis modes


          - Spectrum mode with variety apply for many detectors ( Peak / RMS / etc.-) in the same time. 


          - Waterfall display for signal analysis in Level, Frequency, and time domain ( Must have for the intermittence signal analysis) 


          - Persistence mode for evaluating of the overlapping signals ( Must have for interference hunting in ISM band)


         - Scope mode for signal analysis in Time Domain ( Must have for TDD standard)  


        - Peak table: shows up to 50 highest spectral peaks ( The easiest way for signal overview) 

Localization features of SignalShark

  • Manual localization ( when equipped with handheld directional antenna) 


A set of Handheld Directional Antenna 9k to 500MHz


A set of Handheld Directional Antenna 400MHz to 8GHz

  • Automatic Running-Fix or Homing with Built-in digital map ( when equipped with ADFA antenna) 


- The Built-in Digital map is Free Of Charge 

- This feature has not required for any external PC / Laptop.

- The heat map by means of statistical analysis for target conclusion have provided.
- Option : The car charger and other accessories for using with vehicle have available 

Automatic DF Antenna 200MHz-2.7GHz

Automatic DF Antenna 10MHz-8GHz

  • DF networking ( when 2-4 sets of SignalShark+ ADFA had been networked together)


    - This feature is used for combining the SignalShark+ADFA of 2-4 systems to obtain the DF triangulation result by means of Master /Slave concept.

    - Not required for external PC/Laptop.

    - The DF triangulation command can be achieved by the built-in NARDA Scripts

    - The DF triangulation result can be displayed on the built-in digital map.  

  • Hybrid TDOA / AOA networking ( when 2-4 sets of SignalShark+ ADFA had been networked together).


    - This feature is used for combining the SignalShark+ADFA of 2-4 systems to obtain the Hybrid TDOA /AOA result. 

    - Required for external PC/Laptop with software.

  • Signal Analysis Feature 


    A SignalShark  can be integrated with the Narda's partner for extending more deeper signal analysis.

    For more information, please contact KPS Working Groups

  • Adding up with the measurement features 


   Besides SignalShark, NARDA also have other solutions which can be integrated for more measurement features. And yes , it can be tailor made with corresponding to customer requirement, such as ; 

NARDA -NRA series ( Remote Spectrum Analyzer)


NRA 6000RX :9k-6GHz


NRA 3000RX:9k-3GHz


NRA 2500RX:9k-2.5GHz

In the case of vehicular system platform, and/ or the fix monitoring station platform, when the main task (ex. DF) has proceeding, then it would be great if the other measurements features can be proceed in parallel as well. Here are the example of the possible measurements which can be added up into the main system for remoted measurement proceeding during the same time of the main task operation.


Spectrum and Multi Spectrum displays 

  • Up to 16 individual spectrums plus an overview spectrum can be recorded in this mode. A magnified display allows analysis of details in separate windows. The overall picture remains visible thanks to the overview spectrum display


Channel Power Measurement

  • The NRA product family offers the option of real time level measurement in so-called zero span mode, where the analyzer is tuned to a fixed channel frequency. The time constants for the RMS detector and the channel bandwidth (set with steep channel filters) can be defined within a wide range. The RMS and peak values with their corresponding maximum values can be read out.


Multi Channel Power Measurements

  • This optional operating mode is used for obtaining an overview of the power in up to 500 channels: At maximum sweep rate, the analyzer integrates the spectral power fractions to give the individual channel power values as well as the overall power. The channels can be defined individually (fmin/fmax/RBW)


Scope & IQ measurement
​​The optional "Scope and IQ Data" operating mode provides signal analysis in the time domain with many trigger functions, similar to an oscilloscope. For this, the NRA operates as a receiver in zero span mode, tuned to a fixed frequency with steep channel filters. The bandwidth can be varied widely, e.g. from 100 Hz for analyzing long wave signals right up to 20 or even 32 MHz for analyzing LTE (4G- or HDTV signals. A further special feature is the extremely fine time resolution in High Resolution Real Time mode right down to 32 ns, allowing deatiled analysis of complex digital signals.

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